WPNA 1-31-12


TreasurerŐs Report and Future of Winnona Park Green Space


Captain Scott RichardŐs:  City of Decatur Police Department (17 years with the department) 6 month Criminal Investigations

-Crime Report:  City of Decatur 2011 crime went down 3% compared to 2010.  Crime Reports include

1.) Murder 0, Rape 1, Robberies - 21, 115 Burglaries, Theft, Vehicle Theft

4 ½ square miles

Captain Richards gives credit to the citizens who are the eyes and ears of our community.

Non-emergency #  404-373-7911 (cell phone)  911 (land line)

Halloween Night:  Sexual Assault/WP field, info/misinfo was passed around by kids, no danger to the community at any point, large number of people involved- all juveniles, based on evidence that we have – no crime was committed that night.  Can we have a patrol car on Halloween night?  Answer:  lots of cars were patrolling that night. 

Greg Wiseman commented about ways to make it space safer – GA Power came out to increase wattage to 250 watts, Greg talked to family: HS students in Decatur go to those woods to drink, smoke pot, and to have sex.  Please contact police if you see a large group of kids.  School is considering more lighting.  It is not designated as a park; canŐt be there 30 minutes after dark.  It is school property/private property.    Signage is inconsistent.  Community resources (Jay Tom Morgan is going to speak to the HS)

Are sought out for helping with these situations.


He left his cards and encouraged


CommunicationŐs Report: Cynthia Osborn

Newsletter /WPNA the Link: moving forward with other modes of communication:

Specific Goals: 

-      Provide info in a variety of ways (email, list serve)

-      Discussion groups beyond yahoo group

-      Increase membership

-      Increase commitment to neighborhood

-      Inform neighbors

-      www.facebook.com/WPNADecaturGA

-      We need a volunteer to man it

-      Twitter account:  @WPNADecaturGA; emergency alerts/traffic issues/lost pets;

-      Julie will provide a name of a possible volunteer

-      www.wpnathelink.com

-      Online welcome wagon/increase social media

-      Coed softball team plug


GOAL:  more people doing less


Future of our Winnona Park Green Space

The field is the heart and soul of the neighborhood

Highlighted the abyss of negativity centered around Saturday/Sunday

WP SLT/WP PTA/ WPNA team up to have a long term goal/plan for the green space

Greg wants the WPNA to have some ownership of this even if we canŐt provide $

Dr. Edwards, Principals, and community leaders created a strategic plan includes this goal:

Establish effective and engaging opportunities to develop and maintain mutual trust and respect between the school system and its community/stakeholders that supports success for all.


WP SLT will increase and improve the quality of engagement of all its stakeholders.

Performance Objective 1:  WP SLT will create a master plan for the schoolŐs green space.


Greg is in an interesting position; he has a lot of stakeholders (students, YMCA Athletic/kids, neighbors)

A: Form WP Green Space subcommittee of the SLT

B:  Conduct survey of stakeholders (Staff, students, parents, neighbors)

C:  Create WP Green Space Master Plan

Get this completed by the end of the year.


Greg needs: 

Few parents, neighbors, kid volunteers

Survey expert

Proof reader

Ideas to include in survey

Contact Greg Wiseman: gwiseman@csdecatur.net



How contaminated is the water?? 

Greg will send Power Point presentation to me


Courtyard Marriott opens tomorrow



Lylia Lycio

Social Committee Chair

Spring:  yard sale/Super trash day

Summer: July 4th Event; decorate

Fall: Matt Haynes:  Gravity Car Race as part of the Fall Picnic

Winter:  Luminaria/Cocoa Crawl

She needs

Trash Amnesty Days are being finalized and will be communicated


Seegar Swanson

Zoning and Development

S. Candler (Park Overlook)  March/April meeting – builder will come to speak to us about this new neighborhood development

Utilities are in, two condos or town houses are going in February, $500,000, small lots, geared to 50 year old empty nesters, very little green space, will have elevators. 

Talked about some bi-laws changing to include clearly defined boundaries.

Reviewed the TreasurerŐs Report


Raffle:  Tote Bag, $25 gift certificate to Corner Pub

Elections:  President:  Aiden, Treasurer: Seegar, Vice President:  Brian Smith, Lesley Cortright: Secretary


General questions:

-how is membership generated; ideas about generating membership

-how many houses are in the neighborhood?

-Next meeting is March or April

Joy Alandete offers her house for the Green Space initiative mtg in March/April, 2012.

Email AidanŐs email address to Brian Smith



Greg Wiseman:  Future of our WP Green Space




Keisha Cunningham
Jim Baskett

Patty Garrett

Mary Alice Kemp