7:00pm, January 27, 2009

Winnona Park Elementary School


The meeting was called together at 7:08pm by President Steve Yurman, who thanked and introduced Vice President Cynthia Osborn, Treasurer Seegar Swanson and newly appointed E&I Chair Kathy Hightower. Absent board members were Past President Mike Rossi, Secretary Stella Brown and Social Chair Michele Hillegass.


In MicheleÕs absence Seegar reported on the successful Luminaria event in December, and noted that she had posted a notice of an upcoming meeting at TwainÕs on Monday 2/2, which included a request for additional volunteers. He also noted that both Z&D and Communications Committee Chair slots were currently vacant.


Officer Taylor of the Decatur Police Department was introduced, who answered a variety of questions from the audience about crime in the neighborhood and the city. One question concerned the apparent parking of a vacant police cruiser on Kirk Road, and Officer Taylor explained that the department has begun occasionally parking unused squad cars in neighborhoods as a crime deterrent effort.


Seegar presented the WPNA TreasurerÕs financial report, and explained how the committee chairs were restricted to total approved funds, not by line item. Further expenditures by committee beyond annual approved total amounts require Executive Committee, Board or Membership approval. The report including the 2009 budget presented by the Treasurer and Executive Committee was approved unanimously.


Kathy offered her comments about E&I and other issues she would like to pursue on behalf of the neighborhood, such as the lack of any city (non-school district) parks in our neighborhood, city tree funds available, sidewalk issues, Rec Center renovations, and others.


Yurman turned the meeting over to Cynthia, who introduced Steve Herzlieb with Southface, a non-profit organization involved with the Earthcraft building and renovation program. Steve described the nature of the Southface organization, their various sponsors and partnerships, and the programs and processes they offer. Numerous materials were provided to attendees, including what goes into an Earthcraft home and a list of Earchcraft contractors.


His presentation was followed by one from Peter Michelson of Renewal Design-Build, who talked about various green and energy efficiency strategies for existing home owners. Topics included energy audits of houses and numerous strategies for saving water, gas and electricity and preserving air quality within the home.


Both presenters fielded numerous questions from the audience.


The meeting closed with a raffle for the members in attendance, and was adjourned at 9:10pm.


A total of 19 individuals plus the three guest speakers were present.