Winnona Park Neighborhood Association Meeting

January 26, 2010

7:00 pm – 8:30pm


Book Swap

Lylia described her book then invited other neighbors to do the same. 


Committee Reports: Lylia

Social events of 2009 included:

1.)  Pub nights over at Twains 20 -30 people

2.)  LadiesŐ Nights out

3.)  Accessory Swap/Book swap/Plant swap

4.)  Yard Sale: lead by Elton, 30 neighbors participated

5.)  Super trash day

6.)   July 4th bike/wagon decoration prior to parade

7.)  Sept: Annual fall picnicÉ.over 100 families, catered, a band, games, comedian, improv for HS students

8.)  Luminaria sale in December; fund raiser and cocoa crawl


Juanchella Francis:

Community Relations Specialist for the Decatur Police Department


-       Community email list serve: contact to be included

-       Town hall meeting 2/4/10 6:00 – 8:30pm Decatur housing community center: teen focus group underage alcohol consumption.  The last strategic planning sessions was in 1999.  March, 2010 – next strategic planning mtg.

-       ING marathon: March 21stÉ.check website to serve as a volunteer traffic marshall.

-       Crime prevention:  if you see something suspicious, call and report these activities. 

Try not be a victim of crime.  People are desperate.  Look your doors. 70% burglaries; no-force entry.  Door to door solicitation requires a permit.  They must show ID.  If they donŐt show it or have it, ask them to leave your property.

-       404-373-6551:  Decatur Police department & vacation request can be done online.  Give police your information. : go to residence: request a service.

-       City public safety academy: 8 week course.  Pick up an application from Juanchella.


Officer Mike Mitchell: 

-       Call the cops if you see something  suspicious. 

-       Sign up for a Security Analysis; get advice about making your house more secure. 

-       Lock your car doors and donŐt leave anything valuable showing. 

-       There has been an increase in burglaries on South side/Oakhurst.  Six in the last two weeks, after 8pm.  Many criminals are running away when they see a person.   

-       Make sure your alarm system has the right police dept. #. 




 Cynthia Osborn:

 Communication Committee. 

-       Wants to reinstitute the WP Newsletter in an on-line version.  Needs help in the areas of  Web design/ad sales/writing stories/video/advertisingÉ..her info is on the website.



Distributed and explained the TreasurerŐs report. 

-    WPNA approved first 4 pages.

-    Last page 2010 Budget;  approved. 


Stephanie Van Parys:

Oakhurst Community Garden

-       Started with a raffle

-    Power Point Presentation included information about the:

-       Plant sale in April

-       Chicks in the city coop tour; 8 coops

-       Feb. 6th: Chicks in the city symposium

-       5-15-10: Martinis in the Garden

-       End of Sept: Decatur Garden Tour

-       Programming/Classes: community outreach 80 classes per year

-       Bee keeping, cooking classes, childrenŐs courses

-       Environmental education


Tony Parker

Fire Chief; Director of Emergency Management educated us about:

-       Siren: tornado  FEMA money funded this project.  Approved in Nov, 08.  Site selected. 

-       Why do we need sirens? We are an active living community, parks, pools, we walk to school, we have events outside.  The siren will sound when tornado is coming (NOT severe thunder storms).  Immediately seek shelter and find a radio, public tv station.

-       Four sirens will sound within the city for a tornado.  Agnes Scott College is allowing us to sound their siren for tornados in addition to the four within the city limits. 

-       How do these sirens work?  We have four for the four quadrants in the area.  Adjustable sirens have been purchased that sound between 118db and 129db.  100 feet at Siren level, 60 db in a mile.  These are not meant to be heard inside. 

-       When do we activate the sirens?  Two control boxes; electronics will be tested daily.  First Wed of every month 5pm; they will go off for 1 minute.  If we see a funnel cloud, they will sound the siren.  Only happens on warnings, not on a watch.  IF you spot one, 404-373-6551.  School based siren is at 118db. Its 80 feet from the sidewalk.

 -   Tony introduced Meredith: assistance to city manager Lt. Barry Woodward: communications


Patty Garrett: 


-    was introduced and passed out her business card. 


Other matters:

-       Our next meeting may be in May.  The executive committee will decide.

-       Juanchella Francis needs the officersŐ names/phone numbers/emails emailed to her.

-       Lylia will email MicheleŐs presentation to Julie Siler. 

-       Decatur 101:

-       A course offered for new neighbors in March.  Morning and evening times are offered.  Check the website for more information.  Contact Linda Harris 404-371-8386.