A.     Welcome from Steve Yurman; WPNA president

B.  Acceptance of the minutes/approved

II.     COMMITTEE Reports

A.      Treasurer: Seegar Swanson

Concerns: fall picnic, luminary events didnÕt bring in as much revenue.  Next budget will be a bit more conservative for 2011.  Budget is approved on a committee by committee basis; Seegar gave explanation for each of the committeeÕs needs and answered questions from neighbors.  One neighbor raised concern about the individual gifts given to Michelle, Gardner Neely, and a City of Decatur police officer who needed help after a fire.  Seegar explained the combination of closing 2010 books and acceptance of 2011 budget as indicated in the docs that Seegar created and distributed to neighbors. 

B.     Communication Chair: Cynthia Osborn

Updated the neighbors about her online version of the newsletter; WPNA The Link.  Cynthia continues to need assistance with photography, writing, or advertising. 

Cynthia brought up the need/desire for an online version as well as a print copy.  Cynthia asked Òwould you prefer an email or a post on the list serve of the full newsletter in a PDF or if you would rather log on to the website?Ó One neighbor commented that more people would read it if it came in an email.  Cynthia opened the floor to questions.

C.     Social Committee: Lylia (Julie Siler summarized LyliaÕs thoughts)

2011 Social Events

                  Winter – Social Event will be planned for March.  Watch for the email.

                  Spring – Yard Sale and Trash Day (April/May)

                  Summer – 4th of July Parade and decorating fun

                  Fall – Annual Picnic (Sept.) and Luminary/Cocoa Crawl (Dec.)

New events tried in 2010

Monthly Game Night - Interest was shared but attendance was low.

Movie Night – No interest

Garden/Plant Swap – No interest


III.    Peggy Maris; City Manager (Commissioner Garrett and Commissioner Cunningham were recognized)

A.     Peggy reviewed capital construction for 2010 and explained upcoming 2011 projects.  City of Decatur is looking to complete Fire Station #1, Decatur Recreation improvement, and Public Works improvements.  G-O bonds ran out of $ (they only covered renovations) so alternative funding is being sought.  Research was done; stimulus $ was available by way of bonds: Build America Bonds and Recovery Zone Economic Recovery Bonds.  We will borrow $13.8 million, of that, about $8 million to Public Works, $3 million to Fire Station #1, remaining $2.8 million to the Decatur Recreation Center.  The Homestead Option Sales tax lawsuit with DeKalb Co. has been going on for 10 years, causing funding difficulty for such projects in all of the cities in DeKalb Co.  If we win this trial, it will improve our ability to get our money to complete such capital improvements or provide property tax relief.   This money will go toward our public debt. 

Construction Timeline:

Fire station #1 begins at/around April 1st

Decatur Recreation starts June 1st – relocated to Beacon during the 15 month project

Public Works building on Talley Street will begin 1-1-2012

B.     School system maintenance staff and maintenance staff for city will combine to save costs and increase job sharing.  We will transfer titles to school system vs. the City: timeline for this is unknown b/c the superintendent has been out of town caring for her daughter; scheduled sometime summer, 2011.  Property Development on the Callaway Building is on the horizon.  It will take 12 -15 months to complete each project.   

C.     Neighbor asked about noise from cooling unit, the results of the test, and whether or not it is a city vs. school issue.  Peggy is planning to look over the results of the sound test.  Peggy discussed a process of bringing the issue to the table.  The city commission would have a strong interest in making sure that WP has a true park.  Our basketball court is in disrepair. 

IV.   Elections of Officers

A.      Seegar explained the process.  Steve Yurman, the current president, has served two terms and canÕt run again.  Exec committee agreed that 3 or 4 meetings are necessary for 2011. 

       Aiden Downey was elected president.  Steve will stay on the committee.

B.     Vice President: Elton Davis has moved out of the neighborhood so he canÕt continue to serve.  Steve Yurman was nominated and won!

C.     Secretary:  Julie Siler

D.    Treasurer:  Seegar canÕt hold the same office for a 7th year.  Membership chose not to nominate in a new treasurer.  No nominations for a position results in a vacancy – exec committee can appoint a new person.  Exec committee will meet and appoint a new person.  Seegar was appointed as Treasurer by the newly formed exec committee. 

V.     Raffle and Adjournment